Litter – Day 25

Hello everyone!  There are so few visible changes, and not much going on, so I’m backing off of the “one-a-day” posts unless there’s something really interesting.   I’ll definitely post a weigh-in post in a few days.  Temperatures are up finally, into the upper 60s!  (At least for a little while yet!)  So we’re making sure the water gets filled, the bunnies have shade, and even the door of the greenhouse is open.  As long as there’s some breeze, it stays moderate in the greenhouse.  On another note, I have our little plants out there to start growing.   (I actually remembered in time to start my seeds this year!)  It’s a benefit for Momma bunny, as the plants that get pulled get fed to her. (They’re small treats, but enjoyed nonetheless)

The other doe, if she’s pregnant, is about 16 days now.  I did palpate her and I think she’s expecting – but again, I thought the same thing last time.

The baby bunnies are doing well, eating lots of hay now and definitely eating more pellets.  I’m happy to report we still have all of them.  The last hurdle will be weaning, which I’m anticipating will happen when they are about 6 weeks old.  (So about 2.5 weeks away)  They could be weaned later than that, but the Momma is in good condition – and I’m planning to have her have another litter soon.  We’ll weigh in again at 28 days and see how much weight the litter is gaining.



The whole litter.  They actually spend most of their time on top of the nest box (the cardboard survived until today, haha.).  I actually watched one jump up on top in one bound.  Apparently, their little muscles are working very well.



Don’t let the size fool you when they’re bunched up.  Stretched out, with paws, they’re about 3/4 the length of my arm.  I still try to handle them often, but they’re definitely acting more like bunnies now.  Before they wouldn’t care if you pick them up, now they very much prefer to be down on their own 4 paws.


Litter – Day 21 (Weigh-In Day)

Everyone still seems to be doing well, bellies are full and they’re sleeping a bunch.  Nest box will stay in for another 7 days or so, at least until this cold weather finally breaks.  (Unless this is our weather for the next 3 months…ew.)  Today is weigh-in day, I’ll weigh them once a week from here on.

Grand Litter Total:  5lbs and 5 3/4oz!  I don’t have a good point of reference, but it’s a number I’ll use for my own program to evaluate how quickly the litter grows, and quality of the breeding animals etc.  The number gets tied to both the doe and the buck.  The individual kits range from 9 5/8oz to 11 1/4oz.


The litter this morning, all cozy in the nestbox.


One individual out for a personal photo shoot!


Bucket O’ Bunnies during the weigh-in.

Litter – Day 20

I’m a little behind posting, we went out of town right away yesterday morning and ended up being gone all day.  Everyone is doing great!  They’re liking to be held less and less, so I’m trying to handle them more to get them used to it.  Better now while their claws aren’t AS sharp (or as strong) as they will be!


The litter, still enjoying the nest box a bunch!


One of the rabbits pulled out.  I’ll try to hold in one hand, but this is becoming the easier way for perspective.

Litter – Day 19

Good morning!

Just a quick note today – the bunnies are doing well.  In two days (on the 3-week mark) I’ll weigh the whole litter, and have an idea of how quickly they’re growing.  Right now some have been weighed individually, and they seem to be about 9 – 10 oz apiece.

They’re nibbling hay, sipping water, chewing on pellets, and harassing Momma.


It’s about 40F in here, so it’s good the litter still has some place to cuddle up.  They can keep themselves warm now with all of their fur, but still!



Individual shot!  Getting awfully hard to hold in my hand.  I’ll probably have to break down and go back to my hand next to them for frame of reference.  (At least as long as I’m taking these pictures by myself!)

Litter – Day 18

The litter is still spending most of the time in the nest box, but they’re getting out quite a bit and exploring.  They’ve also been nibbling on some pellets.  This is a pretty critical time, as the main killer of baby rabbits is enteritis.  (Basically an upset tummy, x100).  I was giving Mom some treats (spinach, carrots, etc.) – but not anymore.  If the babies get their little mouths on it, there’s a really good chance it could kill them.  So hopefully, as they begin to supplement their diets a little bit with solid foods, hopefully the transition will go well and they’ll all make it through.  As always, plenty of hay available for them too – fiber helps prevent it!


The litter this morning.  Still have one who really loves climbing!


This is one of the fastest growers, so it will likely end up staying on as an addition and “keep the line going”.  I’m handling this one to try to get it used to handling.   They’re BARELY hand-sized anymore, it’s going to take two hands soon!


Taking a nap on me while I write this post.  I know this is risky as I need to “not get attached”, but I’m justifying it in that I want some breeding animals that are easier to handle.  (If necessary, I can come up with more excuses to play with baby rabbits!)

Litter – Day 17 (aka Eviction Day)

I went in the Greenhouse last night, and three of the bunnies were out of the box harassing Momma.  So, I gave them their 10 hour eviction notice – as frankly it was dark, cold, and I decided to just mess with it the next day.  Truth be told, it’s not so much a “True” eviction as it more one of “leaving the door open”.   I just turned the nest box on its side (and zip-tied it to the sides of the cage to hold it still) – so now they’ll have a much easier time getting in and out.  If you read an earlier post, with our unusually cold spring I’m probably going to leave it in until 4 weeks.  In a manner of speaking, it also gives Momma some place to get away from the babies.  (Who are always hungry, and have 24/7 access to her!)


The litter this morning.  Definitely ready to move around more!


Om nom nom pellets!


The nest box on its side now – and remember what I said about finding out that rabbits can be climbers?   I couldn’t believe it, he scaled right up the side!  (And later the corner of the cage, to boot)


There are advantages to this for Momma too.  Wonder who’s been after her for milk ever since it left the nest?  (After a good 15 minutes out hopping around the hutch, they decided it was definitely time for a nap.  All but one, that is!)

Litter – Day 16

Hail and snow today – but hey.  At least it’s not rain?  Nothing much to report – the kits were still hanging out in the nest box this morning.  I replaced most of the bedding in there (saved a little bit of the fur-filled stuff) just in case anything was starting to grow.  With the weather as cold as it has been, I’m planning to leave the box until 4 weeks instead of three.


New bedding.  They’re starting to wander out of the pile now and look around, so they’re definitely about ready to come out of the box.


I was taking a look at one,  and I’ve since learned – apparently rabbits can climb!


Now – for one of the fool-proof methods to determine if you’ve gotten “some rain”, “a lot of rain”, or “Way too freaking much rain”.  If the fields have waves (and not the amber waves of grain type) in them, possibly with a few white-caps, you’ve had “Way too freaking much rain”.  See photo example above.