Rabbit Litters Day….Oh, Who the Heck Knows?

Well, I’ve lost track.  Too many babies!

The new litter is about 14-15 days old, and doing great.  Despite the unfortunate peeing incident, they’ve done well.  They’re definitely about to be out of the nest box, their ears are up and they’re a lot more awake than usual.  (And they’re starting to hit that stupidly adorable phase)

Big Mama should be expecting soon.  In fact, tonight, I was debating as to whether or not to put her nest box in. (Approximately day 26 or day 27).  Well, I went out after deciding to put in the nest box, and this is what I saw:


Big Mama with her “haystache”.  In retrospect, I had wondered why she was digging at the bottom of the cage this morning.  I feel silly now for not realizing why! (For anyone who doesn’t know, carrying around a mouthful of hay is a very good sign of pregnancy)


And, within a minute or so..all you can see is a little bit of rabbit tush.


My father-in-law made some lovely catch pans for us. 🙂  They’re going to work splendidly, and look SO much better!

I’m also working on a website…it’ll be up and running shortly!  Hoping it will help with marketing in time.




A few photos of fluffball adorableness. 🙂


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