More New Additions…Finally!

Last time Big Mama gave birth, she did so after 30 days.  So when I woke up this morning, Day 33, I REALLY expected to see baby rabbits.  So imagine my surprise when I went out at 6am, and nothing.  Last time, she gave birth in the dead of night.  I was definitely starting to question my palpation skills (which are shaky to begin with), and was starting to wonder if this was a false pregnancy.  Actually, a lot of things were going through my mind.  I went back out at 7:30am, and BAM.  Bunny bomb had gone off.  (She really, really, really makes a mess of her hutch.  Fur and blood everywhere, every time.)  She also didn’t get as fat this time, so I also assumed the litter was smaller.  Wrong on that count too – 9 kits total.  However, this time, we had one DOA.  It definitely perished sometime while still inside mom – it was mostly  developed, but had some discoloration and was very small.    So 8 live, squirmy, and apparently healthy kits.  Way to go Big Mama!  No pictures of them, I was ill prepared.  Tomorrow. 🙂

Garden is STILL not in, weather is just not cooperating for tilling.  My plants are exploding in their poor little pots, and I’m really trying to resist transplanting to larger (as I intend to put them in the ground anyways).

The other two litters are growing well..the older ones seem to be slowing down in weight gain.   They’ll be 9 weeks in 2 more days, and may manage to tap 4lbs.  I’d like to hold off to 5lbs – and honestly, the two does I’ll be keeping for now.  The topic for next time – space, and how to fail to plan for growing litters.  Case study:  Me.  How I long for a lot of land and outbuildings.  🙂   But I’ll probably have to build “up” and put another layer up to make sure we have enough room for growing buns.


Big Mama resting up.  I didn’t get a photo of her right after the birth – but it’s better that way.  She had a lot of blood on her, not a pretty sight!


My poor plants.  They’re growing well, but it simply must stop raining so we can till!


Pack of babies.  They’re starting to sleep a little less now, but they are still almost always snoozing when I come in.


Exercise set-up with 2 of the junior does.


4 comments on “More New Additions…Finally!

  1. Big Mama is a sturdy looking doe!

    • lizreeb says:

      Oops, somehow I missed this comment. 🙂 Thank you very much! I’m happy with her, for sure. Sturdy and slightly ornery, but she raises good kits. 🙂

  2. Grace says:

    Uh. How the heck did you get that piece of cardboard to stay there?! My rabbit tossed the cardboard box out immediately when I put it in there! Of course, she does fling ceramic bowls with her teeth… 😉

    • lizreeb says:

      Haha. 🙂 A little bit of luck. Little Mama basically decimated the cardboard pretty soon after the nestbox was turned. I think Big Mama has it figured out that any barrier between her and the kits is a good thing, and she won’t mess with that! Haha!

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