I’ve had some requests for pictures of our little Rabbit adventure, so I created this little blog to share with anyone who’s interested.  We’re living in the city (Just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin) and were looking for a quiet way to raise some of our own natural meat. (“Quiet” ruled out chickens) Plus, it comes with the added benefit that we know they’re being treated well!   I’m not looking forward to the part where we actually turn them into meat, but I feel that if I can buy meat from a grocery store all packaged – I should be able to own the whole process.  The particular rabbit type we’re raising are “New Zealands”, which are one of the main meat breeds.  (Californian is usually the other one mentioned in the same breath)

This blog is acting like a diary for me – my hope is it will be a neat little resource for myself to look back – as well as maybe be something of a help for others.  As I learn, I’ll share.  Plus – I think it’s fun to watch the kits grow up.  I welcome any suggestions or thoughts you might have.  Thanks for taking a gander!


2 comments on “About

  1. Melissa Schwalbe says:

    I think this will be a very interesting blog for me to follow. Good going Liz and Sean.
    Maybe this summer we can come to dinner? How long does it take to rear till the meat is ready.
    Your Uncle Chuck did this with pigs, so why not rabbits. Cool!

    • lizreeb says:

      Thanks so much, Aunt Melissa! Would love to have you over for dinner, we’ve been talking that we’re going to need to find a lot of good recipes! 🙂 Hopefully by then we’ll have a super great one to share with you! It takes about 10 – 12 weeks before they reach ‘fryer weight’. I’ll be watching and weighing them, we’ll work on trying to breed in good traits like fast growth etc.

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