Circle of Life

Summer has, undoubtedly, been busy.  The newest litter arrived last Tuesday – Little Mama had a total of 11 kits.  (Wow!)  One was DoA, and three were runty.  One of those three didn’t make it past the second day, but the other two seem to be doing quite well.  I’m amazed – at first I was helping them get some extra cracks at Mama’s milk, but the last few days they’ve both had decently full bellies without any of my interference.  Nature is pretty darn amazing.


The newest litter from Little Mama.  Now 9 strong!


Comparison of runt vs. brother/sister.  Itty bitty!  (But still getting fed, and actually doing very well)


This is one of the 12-week old juniors from Little Mama’s first litter.  Can’t believe how big they’re getting!  If all goes well, the first two will be on their way to be new breeding stock this Friday!


Then this the poor buck from Big Mama’s first litter – the poor guy just can’t catch a break.  He was the unlucky one who got a toe nipped by one of the dogs back when he was little (which we’ve since re-dog-proofed the greenhouse, and it has been effective).  He was going to a new home to be breeding stock this Friday with the girls – but Sunday night I went in, and noticed some moisture under his eye.  I segregated him, and next morning it looked like this already.  I planned to attempt to treat it, but by the time I got home last night – it was in his other eye as well.   “Weepy Eye” indicates a few things.  1)  Infection 2) Blocked Tear Duct or 3) Teeth issues.  There are some possible treatments for it, but they either cost a lot of $$$ (2x what I was planning to charge for the rabbit) or will take 18 days to get here from overseas.  Yipe.   Not to mention the fact it’s likely he’ll continue to have eye issues.   I’ve been able to sell a lot of the rabbits we’ve had here so far, so if we finally get a rabbit dinner that we’d originally been planning on – it won’t be the worst thing.  I just don’t want the poor bugger to be uncomfortable a moment longer than necessary – so he’s getting one more day of observation to see if it resolves.


And the other circle of life – I found this pretty caterpillar in my garden.  I was appreciating it until I realized it wasn’t sitting atop one of the overgrown things of grass in said garden – it was sitting atop a sheared off dill plant.  So he’s now been relocated to our maple tree, which can take a lot more damage than dillweed. 🙂  (It’s a black Swallowtail, for reference!)

That’s it for now. 🙂  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!